Preparation of the final ISTTT papers

The deadline for the full paper is August 1, 2012, Submission of full papers of peer review. The organisational committee recommends the paper not to exceed 20 pages.

What is the format for the camera-ready copy?

The file must be in Portable Document Format (PDF) on A4 paper (210 Χ 297 millimeters, 8.3 Χ 11.7 inches). Style files and detailed formatting instructions can be found at the table, higher in this page.

The use of Asian fonts is discouraged. If your paper uses Asian fonts nevertheless, please ensure that they are encoded in the PDF file so that they can be displayed by non-Asian versions of the PDF reader. (Asian versions ship with a larger set of default fonts.) See Adobe’s discussion of this issue, which unfortunately does not discuss LaTeX. Suggested diagnostics and solutions are welcomed.

What if my paper includes graphics?

Remember that you are providing a camera-ready copy. Thus, artwork and photos should be included directly in the paper in their final positions. Resolution for raster images should be at least 160 dpi. Avoid GIF or JPEG images that are low resolution or highly compressed. If images contain screen gradients, do not use screen values below 20%.

Your paper must look good both when printed (A4 / 8.3″ x 11.7″ size, black-and-white) and when viewed onscreen as PDF (zoomable to any size, color okay). Thus, you may want to use color high-resolution graphics, allowing onscreen readers to zoom in on a graph and study it. However, please check that the same graph or photograph is legible when printed on a black-and-white printer. For example, different lines in a graph should not be distinguished only by color, although they can also be distinguished by color. A good test is to print the paper on your own black-and-white laser printer, and to view it in a PDF viewer at different resolutions. Note that vector graphics (e.g., encapsulated PostScript) look good at any scale and take up little space (unless you are plotting many thousands of data points).

The submission website will open at the end of June. Further submission instructions will be provided on that web site.

For any other questions, please contact the organisation at