ISTTT20’s scientific program

The International Symposium on Transportation & Traffic Theory series is the main gathering for the world’s transportation and traffic theorists, and those who are interested in gaining (or contributing to) a deeper understanding of the field. The symposium deals with both scientific and operational aspects of transportation and traffic, spanning all modes of transport, and covering freight as well as private and public transport.

The field of transportation and traffic theory is continually undergoing change and renewal, driven by new technologies, novel problems thrown up by new technologies or shifts in global circumstances, and advances in associated disciplines. While well-established themes invariably elicit interesting contributions, high quality papers on new topics often stimulate fruitful research in novel directions, frequently reported in subsequent symposia. Careful refereeing and selection of papers ensure that the ISTTT series provide a fertile and erudite forum for seminal contributions, occasionally from researchers previously unknown to the field. To ensure maximum impact, all sessions are plenary, which necessarily limits the number of papers that can be accepted.

Please look at this page for more information about the program from March 2013 onward.