The premier gathering for the
world’s leading transportation and traffic theorists

The International Symposium on Transportation & Traffic Theory series is since its first issue in 1959 the main gathering for the world’s transportation and traffic theorists, and for those who are interested in gaining (or contributing to) a deeper understanding of the field.

The Symposium deals with both scientific and operational aspects of transportation and traffic, spanning all modes of transport, and covering freight as well as private and public transport.
In more 30 podium presentations the attendants wil be informed about the latest scientifical insights on transportation and traffic theory.

Topics covered by the symposium

  • Traffic flow theories and their implications
  • Traffic management and control
  • Dynamics of transport phenomena, especially when coupled with observations
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Travel behavior processes and demand modeling
  • Vehicular interactions in mixed-mode traffic
  • Congestion pricing and other policies
  • Scheduled modes (public transport, air networks): system planning, service design and operations
  • Pedestrian and crowd modeling
  • Transport safety
  • Network modeling and dynamics
  • Routing and scheduling in transportation
  • Freight transport modeling, logistics and supply chains
  • Terminal design and operation
  • Transportation policy